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For your Company

A SONNEN animation can be the ideal tool to:
  • Introduce the company
  • Advertise the company
  • Educate about the company
  • Thank customers
  • Bring new inspiration
  • etc.
An animation can also be used within the company for:
  • Educational purposes (e.g new employees)
  • Greetings and holidays for employees
  • Motivational video (show future goals, or how far you have already come)
  • Capturing the history and past of your company
  • etc.
Together with Pepsi we have created an animation film to thank, motivate, and inspire employees. Big milestones were celebrated, fond personal memories shared and a new, fresh and reimagined flair created to inspire the future.
Due to privacy of employee information only a short extract from the intro of this animation film can be seen on this page.
«quote» – Ilona Asadauskas, Project manager and employee of Pepsi
To advertise the new book by the restaurant owner Suresh, a short animation highlighted central pivotal points of the story and engaged the viewer in such a way as to create tension and curiosity about the new product. Rising sales for his new book, Suresh screens the animation in his own restaurant, as well as sending it out to customers and publishing it on his website and social networks.
«quote» – Suresh, Restaurant owner and Author